Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Spoorky Terms of Service

Effective date: July 1, 2018

Spoorky is a game that requires Internet connection and a service account. In order to do this, you must accept the terms of service and the privacy policy.

This agreement governs the use of Spoorky's online service and the relationship between you and GuGames Development (Cristóbal Mata Castro, Jaén, Spain), identifyed by ES77359273S with contact address info@gugames-dev.com. If you do not agree all of the above conditions, your license will be terminated immediately and you must refrain from using this service.

You must be at least 16 years old to join Spoorky.

1. Service license

Subject to the acceptance of these terms of service, the developer under the trade name GuGames Development grants you a personal, limited, non-transferable, revocable and exclusively recreational or informative (press) license. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited, although in the case of gameplays streamers video monetization is allowed.

You agree not to use it for any other purpose and to comply with the Spoorky Code of Conduct. If you violate these conditions, your license will be retired.

2. Spoorky's Code of Conduct


  • Publish insulting content for other players. Aggravated if it is discrimination of any kind.
  • Create explicit content with sexual nature, about suicide, religious, political or especially violent, whether written or drawn.
  • Create content for commercial purposes without the explicit authorization of GuGames Development (info@gugames-dev.com).
  • Create content that violates copyright.
  • Try to access accounts of other players, harm them voluntarily or try to access unauthorized services.
  • Request the login information of other users, collect or publish private information of other users without their consent.
  • Use tricks, vulnerabilities, fake/ghost users or bots and any third-party software that affects the service.
  • Interrupt, put at risk the service or collaborate with the harmful activity.
  • Report players or levels for violating the Code of Conduct if being false.
  • Any activity that conflicts with the interests of GuGames Development, the safety of users or the service.

Violating the Code of Conduct will penalize you depending on the seriousness considered and the number of incidents. Your account can be suspended temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

3. User accounts

The game accounts are owned by GuGames Development, as well as the game. You agree to use this license according to these terms of service and acknowledge that the rights to the account belong exclusively to GuGames Development, with the exception of those relating to data protection.

GuGames Development reserves the right to suspend, modify, limit or eliminate an account if you breach or we suspect that you breach the terms of service. This can cause you to lose all game data associated with your account, including your progress and inventory. GuGames Development will not be responsible for any loss or consequence caused by this fact.

Accounts that have been unused for more than 180 days can be removed without prior notice. You are responsible for keeping your account credentials secure.

4. Intellectual property rights

All content that you create and publish will be subject exclusively to a free license that:

  • It allows any other person to reproduce, use and share your work with personal purposes, not economic, respecting your authorship. In the case of content creators that make gameplays (streamers), monetization of videos is allowed.
  • It allows GuGames Development to exploit your work, modify it, share it and reproduce it without limits, with economic purposes, respecting your authorship. This may result in the exemption of the restrictions of the previous point under the explicit permission of GuGames Development, without asking for your consent, for other companies to use your work whenever there is a direct or indirect benefit for the developer.

In any case, you accept that your player profile (username, progress and statistics, levels created, etc.) is public and agree with the free sharing of the same with your creations in videos, social networks and other media by other users and GuGames Development.

5. Legal responsibility

You are solely responsible for all legal problems that may arise due to your use of the service, direct or indirect.

As far as possible in local legislation, GuGames Development is not responsible for loss of data in the game accounts, of the consequences of the suspension or update of the service nor its accounts, nor damages for malicious actions of third parties in the game service. If this is not possible, you agree that we will only be responsible for the amount you paid in the game during the 6 months prior to a claim.

If you have not purchased anything in the game, the only solution to the conflict you agree is the closing of your account.

You agree that any claim or conflict with GuGames Development must be resolved exclusively in a court located in Jaén, Spain.

6. Validity of the agreement

This agreement is only valid if the user is at least 16 years old and also agrees the Privacy Policy. In any other case it will be considered void, so you can not use the service. GuGames Development reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy. If the modification of the text includes a change of terms, it will be necessary for you to re-accept them or the access to the service will be suspended and eliminated after 6 months. In case of graphical and clarifying improvements, we will not notify you.

Spoorky Privacy Policy

Effective date: July 1, 2018

It's time to talk about your data! Keep calm, it will be brief and concise. We need your permission to use some data in the game. Below we explain your rights, what data we use and why:

GuGames Development (Cristóbal Mata Castro, Jaén, Spain - ES77359273S) collects, treats and stores personal information of your property through this software in accordance with this Policy Privacy.

What data do we collect?

All users have a public profile in Spoorky whose data is accessible and shareable for everyone, even without a service account. Private data is only used for system functionalities and is never shared with third parties.

Public data

  • Username (an unique pseudonym, it should not be your full name)
  • Game statistics (score, followers, coins got, etc.)
  • Created levels (title, rating, statistics, etc.)

Private data

  • Optional data for account security and recovery (such as email)
  • IP address (identification in the network)
  • Operating system that is running the game
  • Other service data (game session codes, notifications, history of levels played, etc.)

We do not collect

  • Bank or sensitive data (we will NEVER ask you for them)
  • GPS geolocation data
  • Users, passwords or identifiers outside Spoorky (Twitter, Facebook, operating system user, IMEI code, MAC, etc.)

For security, passwords are asymmetrically encrypted before storing them. Only you will know it. Never share it. We will never ask you for the password outside of the game's login.

Except for the IP address, the data that makes you directly identifiable (username, email) are obtained exclusively under your manual request.

Why do we collect this data?

Because Spoorky is a social game:

  • The fun is in creating, publishing and competing in levels of other users. Your levels will reach more users if they can be publicly shared by showing your public profile.
  • The system allows you to follow other players, rate their levels, replay levels of your history, add interesting levels to the queue to play later... We need to store some data so you can enjoy all that!

To protect your account:

  • If you let us know your email address, we will use it exclusively to recover your account if you forget your password, to send you a notification when your account is linked to a new device to verify that you did that and to notify you of any problem with your account.
  • In addition to better adapt the service depending on your operating system, knowing this information in combination with others, will help us to better protect your account against identity theft. If you lose your password, and you do not have linked email, we can study if the recovery is possible based on some questions.

For multiplatform support:

  • Having your game data on our servers allows you to continue your game on any compatible device.

To protect the service and its users:

  • With IP addresses we can detect suspicious behavior in the accounts, protecting the rest of users and the service. They can even be used in legal cases.
  • Some data can be used for purely statistical purposes. For example: if users on a certain platform perform the level completion better than on another. The results of private data will always be anonymous.

How do we protect your data?

We guarantee that:

  • The communication between the server and Spoorky is always encrypted under SSL protocol and our services have security measures against unauthorized access.
  • We keep your information during the time your account is active with an extension of up to 6 months, except in case you need your data by legal legal nature.
  • We do not transfer private data (second group) to third parties. Remember that your username, creations and game statistics are part of your public profile and can be accessed by third parties without limits. In addition, GuGames Development and other users can show your public profile on social networks and videos, among others.
  • Your data is stored in Spain. Only data of your public profile will be transferred internationally in case of sharing it by some method mentioned in the previous point.

Your rights

As customer and data propietary you have the right to access your data, rectify them, retire your consent, know the origin of the data and the removation of them. Please note that limiting access to data or refusing to use it will result in the closure of your account due to the impossibility of offering the Spoorky service.

For any questions you can contact us at info@gugames-dev.com.

These rights are personal, so in order to use them you must prove your identity.

  • If you have linked your account to an email address, it will be enough for you to write to us from it.
  • In other case, we may not be able to prove authorship and be denied.

Legitimation for treatment

The legal permission for the treatment of your data is the explicit agreement of the use, management and storage of your data according to this privacy policy.

Cookies, Contact & Betas Policy

In addition to the Privacy Policy and the previous Terms of Service, which are focused above all on the game service but also affect this web service (spoorky.com) owned by Cristóbal Mata Castro, you must accept the following extension of the Privacy Policy:

Use of cookies

We do not store cookies that we use directly on your device. The only ones that can be generated depend directly on the YouTube.com embedded videos. Access your cookie policy to learn more.

Our websites do not contain ads of any kind. We are not interested in your personal data such as tastes, brand shampoo, or any other type of data that is not necessary for the game or to help you with technical support or invitation to betas.

Contact via email

When receiving an email from you, your address next to the message will be added to our contact database of the email generated by Microsoft Outlook. Remember you can use your rights, commented in the privacy policy, at any time.

When you write us an email, we use it exclusively to respond to your requests. We do not generate databases for commercial emails to individuals.

Email management for betas

To participate in a beta for iOS systems, an invitation via email (Apple ID) is required. To have access to this beta, we must keep your address in an online listing that only we access, in the Apple digital store.

When you do not want to continue with the beta, we will be happy to delete your address. You just have to let us know!

In addition, we promise to eliminate the list once the beta is finished and to not use these emails in any commercial list. We will always use your email address for whatever you ask us to do.